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Sri Lankan tying flowers to adorn hair

I grew up in Sri Lanka in an environment where nature is predominant. At the morning dew, my sister and I would go pick flowers to adorn and perfume the hair of the women in our house. We roamed the fields in search of jasmines, roses and geraniums. As a child, I already liked inhaling these scents and mixing flowers to create a unique fragrance, but I had no knowledge of perfumery. This immersion in these scents of nature was part of my life and that's how I developed my fine sense of smell. My first olfactory memories are therefore closely linked to the flora and spices of the island of Ceylon.

When the civil war broke out, my family forced to leave the island, found refuge in France. There, I discovered the world of fashion and luxury in Paris. Captivated by the perfumes of the great couturiers and renowned perfumers, I discovered new fragrances. Later, during the birth of my first child who was hypersensitive and hyperactive, I realized that he couldn't stand my wearing synthetic perfumes. So I looked for an alternative. I haven't found anything that is made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients.

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During my trip to Corsica, I discovered the distillation of natural essences from local producers. Intrigued, I trained in Therapeutic and Cosmetic Aromatherapy from which I graduated. Passionate about natural raw materials, I began to search in France and around the world, organic natural essences, ethical and of superior quality, such as: Damascus Rose in Bulgaria, Blue Lotus in Egypt, Jasmine in India and Bergamot in Italy. I created refined perfumes, with original scents evoking travel and nature for myself and my family. All my perfumes are handcrafted and handcrafted with love.

On the advice of those around me, my son Adrien decided to create and market a new range of luxury organic natural perfumes composed only of noble and environmentally friendly natural raw materials, for the pleasure and well-being of women. and men. My organic natural perfumes, charged with emotions, act as care, insofar as they preserve all the virtues of the plants of which they are composed. The olfactory essences of the plants used assert themselves and bring well-being as much for the skin as for the morale.

I invite you to travel with perfumes Anuja Aromatics where care, beauty and well-being are your destination!

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