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When the Queen of Sheba met with King Solomon to ensure the safety of trade on the Perfume Routes, in the 10th century BC, Balkis, the Queen of Sheba arranged a meeting with Solomon, the Hebrew king. The kingdom of Sheba (“Saba” means “mystery”) was located in

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PERFUME TO FIGHT AGAINST EPIDEMICS “Breathe a serene and pure air of which no exhalation tarnishes the clarity; flee any infectious or nauseating odor that comes out of the gutters and poisons the atmosphere… ”Salerno School of Medicine XNUMXth century The therapeutic and disinfectant role of perfumes in

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Odors and sensitivity

Smells and Sensitivity Perhaps the most primitive of the senses, smell has a surprising influence on cognition, emotion and even other senses. The warm, nutty scent of baked cookies; the strong sting of bleach; the clean, green scent of the first lilac blossoms

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History of modern perfumery

Synthetic raw materials: The rise of chemistry in the XNUMXth century profoundly modified perfumery and its manufacturing techniques. Synthesis has notably enabled perfumers to access many raw materials that do not exist in their natural state. And, since the end of the XNUMXth century, chemistry has played an increasingly important role.

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Smell a flower

The smell

"Among our five senses, it is certainly smell that gives us the best impression of eternity." Salvador Dali The importance of smell: Smell is one of the senses that allows us to perceive the world around us. Through smell, humans and mammals can perceive

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Fashion and Jewelry in the Renaissance

I read an article on a seminar on the subject "Fashion and Jewelry in the Renaissance". The subject on "hygiene jewelry" in the Renaissance, particularly interested me. It is from these jewels that I was inspired to create the Aroma jewels. The

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